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Actor | Singer | Dancer

NYC based Actor, Singer, and Dancer, Madeleine Corliss was recently a Semi-Finalist in's

THE SEARCH FOR ROXIE! Madeleine appeared Off-Broadway in the 15th Anniversary Production of

Urinetown: The Musical (Mrs. Millenium, u/s Hope, Dance Captain) and at Lincoln Center in the reading of

The Sycamore Street Kite Flying Club (Staycee). 

Madeleine has performed around the country in leading roles such as Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly in Chicago (yes, she has performed both murderous ladies), Amber in Hairspray, and Blanche in Bonnie & Clyde.

Madeleine is the creator and founder of The Energy Studio, a company focused on mental and emotional wellness for performers through Shamanic Energy Healing and Life Coaching. When Madeleine is not working, she can be found hanging upside down in an Aerial Yoga class, doing solo concerts in her car, or enjoying s'mores by a campfire. 

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Behind the SceneS

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For More Behind the Scenes Follow Madeleine on Instagram at:

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